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Biomedical applications. 4

Calibration and Metrology. 7

Civil Engineering & Buildings. 8

Electronics & semiconductors. 10

Fluid Dynamics & Energetics. 10

Image & data processing. 11

Induction thermography & vibrothermography. 14

Industrial Applications. 14

Microscale Applications. 16

Modeling. 16

Monitoring & Maintenance. 16

Multispectral 17

NDE: Non Destructive Evaluation. 18

NDE applied to composite structures. 19

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Thermographic Signal Reconstruction. 21

Thermographic systems & components. 22

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Since 1992, the Quantitative InfraRed Thermography (QIRT) conference is a biannual international forum which brings together specialists from industry and academia, who share an active interest in the latest developments of science, experimental practices and instrumentation, related to IR thermography.

Following conferences in Paris (1992), Sorrento (1994), Stuttgart (1996), Lodz (1998), Reims (2000), Dubrovnik (2002), Brussels (2004), Padova (2006), Krakow (2008), Québec City (2010) and Naples (2012), the 12th Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Conference, QIRT 2014, will take place on July 7-11, 2014, at the Mechanics & Engineering Institute of Bordeaux.


QIRT 2014 will cover, but will not be limited to, the following topics:

·         State of the art and evolution in the field of IR scanners and imaging systems allowing quantitative measurements and related data acquisition and processing.

·         Integration of thermographic systems and multispectral analysis. Related problems like: calibration and characterization of IR cameras, emissivity determination, absorption in media, spurious radiations, 3D measurements, certification and standardization.

·         Thermal effects induced e.g. by electromagnetic fields, elastic waves or mechanical stresses.

·         Application of IR thermography to radiometry, thermometry and physical parameters identification in all fields such as: industrial processes, material sciences, thermo-fluid dynamics, energetics, non-destructive evaluation, cultural heritage, environment, medicine, biomedical science, food production…












Pioneering Progress in Infrared Imaging for Medicine

Francis Ring


Thermal NDT − Historical milestones, state-of-the-art and trends

Vladimir Vavilov


Imaging technology developments at Leti, and focus on cooled and uncooled infrared detectors

François Simoens and Olivier Gravrand


Wavelet-based multifractal analysis of dynamic infrared thermograms and X-ray mammograms to assist in early breast cancer diagnosis

Alain Arneodo


Lockin-Thermography: Principles, NDE-applications and trends

Gerd Busse


Biomedical applications


New Application of Recognizing Thermal Images by Human Visual Perception

Bo-Wen Wu and Yi-Chin Fang


Detection of Differentiated Tissue with Pulse Thermography

M. Strojnik and G. Paez


Evaluation of the success of sciatic nerve blockade by skin temperature measurement through infrared thermography

F.G.A.M. van Haren, L. Kadic, J.J. Driessen


Assessment of the pertinence of infrared thermography as a diagnostic tool in sinusitis

E. Gauthier, T. Marin, J-L. Bodnar and L. Stubbe


Modelling and Correction of Influences on Surface Temperature Measurements using infrared thermography for animal health and welfare assessments

T. Landgraf, St. Zipser, M. Stewart, S. Dowling, A.L. Schaefer


Rapid vs. delayed infrared responses after ischemia reveal recruitment of different

K. Chang, M. Antalek, M. Seidel, T. Darlington, A. Ikeda, S. Yoon, H.  Ackerman, A. M. Gorbach


Comparison of image analysis methods in skin temperature measurements during physical exercise

D. Formenti, A. Trecroci, M. Gargano, G. Alberti, and N. Ludwig


A Template Based Method for Normalizing Thermal Images of the Human Body

R. Vardasca, J. Gabriel, C. D. Jones, P. Plassmann and E. F. J. Ring


A preliminary study on the relationship between energy expenditure and skin temperature in swimming

A. Seixas, T. Gonjo, R. Vardasca, J. Gabriel, R. Fernandes and J.P. Vilas-Boas


Stimulated infrared thermography applied to carpal tunnel syndrome detection

X. Maxel, J-L Bodnar, T. Marin, L. Stubbe


Thermography-based blood perfusion imaging in hands: spectral amplification and time shift

A.A. Sagaidachnyi, D.A. Usanov, A.V. Skripal, A.V. Fomin


Lock-in thermography versus dye penetration testing and SEM for in vitro adaptation of smart dental restorative materials (giomers) to the walls of the cavity

M. Streza, D. Dadarlat, I. Hodisan, C. Prejmerean and C. Boue


A correlational analysis of human cognitive activity using Infrared Thermography of the supraorbital region, frontal EEG and self-report of core affective state.

S.D.Jenkins, R.D.H.Brown


Problems of cardiosurgery wound healing evaluation

A. Nowakowski, P. Siondalski, M. Moderhak and M. Kaczmarek


Dynamics of skin temperature of the knee during physical exercise measured by infrared thermography

V. Svaic, B. Jurinjak, D. Zupanic and A. Bolaric


Multifractal analysis of skin temperature fluctuations of women breasts with and without tumor

E. Gerasimova, B. Audit, S.-G. Roux, A. Khalil, F. Argoul, O. Naimark, A. Arneodo and O. Gileva


Investigation of the bacterial adhesion process by infrared thermography

A. Iziumova, M. Kozyreva, L. Salimova, A. Krivoruchko, O. Plekhov, O. Naimark, and I. Ivshina


Study of a possible detection of abnormalities under skin tissue by infrared thermography

H. Trabelsi, N. Elkadri and E. Sediki


Integration of thermographic data with the 3D object model

M. Kaczmarek


System and software for thermal image screening in medicine using thermal inverse modeling

M. Strakowska, M. Strzelecki, B. Wiecek, G. De Mey


Infrared thermography as applied to the studies of cardiovascular system in rats

B. G. Vainer, V. I. Baranov and E. G. Vergunov


Examination with the thermographic systems of the living body physiological reaction on the thermal stimulation

A. Trafarski, R. Rutkowski, P.Korman, L. RóŜański and A. Straburzyńska-Lupa


Towards a Medical Imaging Standard Capture and Analysis Software

R. Vardasca, P. Plassmann, J. Gabriel and E. F. J. Ring


A proposal of a standard rainbow false color scale for thermal medical images

R. Vardasca and J. Gabriel


Infrared thermography as an objective technique for evaluation of patch tests results

M. Szwedo, B. Tomaka, J. Targosz, K. Targosz, B. Jasiewicz-Honkisz


Infrared thermography-based integrated approach aimed at objective evaluation of systemic vascular reactivity in humans

B. G. Vainer and V. V. Morozov


Thermography in laser ablation control

V.Veikutis, A. Sakalauskaite, K. Stasiukynaite


Infrared Imaging for Real-Time Noncontact Respiration Monitoring

Abdulkadir Hamidu Alkali, Reza Saatchi, Heather Elphick, Derek Burke

Calibration and Metrology


3D Thermal Imaging: Fusion of Thermography and Depth Cameras

J. Rangel and S. Soldan


Mapping non-destructive testing data on the 3D geometry of objects with complex shapes

S. Soldan, D. Ouellet, P.Hedayati, H. Bendada, D. Laurendeau, A. Kroll


Choosing of roughness parameters to describe the diffuse reflective and emissive properties of selected dielectrics

L. Rozanski, R. Majchrowski and R. Staniek


Development of a shutterless calibration process for microbolometer-based infrared measurement systems

A. Tempelhahn, H. Budzier, V. Krause and G. Gerlach


Quantitative Infrared Thermography on Carbon Stripper-Foils under Swift Heavy Ion Irradiation

K. Kupka, M. Tomut, C. Hubert, R. Danjoux, and C. Trautmann


Temperature monitoring on a plasmatron experiment by pyroreflectometry

R. Gilblas, T. Sentenac, D. Hernandez, O. Chazot, and Y.Le Maoult


3D Thermal Imaging: An approach towards true field temperature measurement

S. Petrocelli, T. Sentenac, Y. Le Maoult


New approach to thermal drift correction and gain determination in microbolometer thermal cameras

R. Olbrycht, B. Wiecek


Spectral infrared analysis in thermal cameras with diffraction gratings

R. Olbrycht, B. Wiecek, and M. Kałuża


Scanning infrared microscope with a high spatial resolution

V.M. Bazovkin, I.V. Mzhelskiy and V.G. Polovinkin


Evaluation in a controlled environment of a low-cost IR sensor for indoor thermal comfort measurement

G.M. Revel, M. Arnesano, F. Pietroni, M. Schmidt and O. Kaschtschejewa


Increasing performances on blackbodies to extend their temperature range

C. Barrat, S. Violleau, E. Besançon


Experimental facility dedicated to high temperatures thermophysical properties measurement: validation of the temperature measurement by multispectral method

L. Dejaeghere, T. Pierre, M. Carin and P. le Masson


Qualitative diagnostics of wind-turbine blades inspection using active thermography

M. Szwedo and P. Hellstein


Investigation of separate adsorbent particles under adsorption-desorption conditions with the use of infrared thermography and computer simulation

B.G.Vainer, A.B.Ayupov and M.S.Melgunov


Performance tests of thermal imaging systems to assess their suitability for quantitative temperature measurement

A. Whittam, R. Simpson and H. McEvoy


Determination of anisotropic properties of carbon fiber composites for civil engineering applications using infrared thermography with periodic excitation

L. Ibos, J. Dumoulin and V. Feuillet


Estimation of the heat of absorption of CO2 by IR imaging of the surface of solid absorbents.

F.Benevides, Christophe Pradère, Jean-Christophe Batsale, Gwenaelle Le Bourdon, Joelle Mascetti, Laurent Servant, Julien Jolly, Bertrand Pavageau

Civil Engineering & Buildings


Inspection of bonding areas between two metallic plates with flash method and two temperature analyses

T. Vogt Wu, C. Pradere, J.L. Dauvergne, J.C. Batsale, D. Balageas


Aerial oblique thermographic imagery for the generation of building 3D models to complement Geographic Information Systems

S. Lagüela, L. DíazVilariño, D. Roca, J. Armesto


Quantitative analysis and image processing techniques of large-scale industrialsize fire tests using infrared thermography

J. de Vries

QIRT-2014-043 : Thermographic map of the Vitoria-Gasteiz facades

I. Gómez Iborra, I. Gorosabel Fernández, X. Sáenz del Castillo Larrea


Active and passive thermography evaluations of bonding defects in adhered ceramic tiling: experimental assessment

J. Laranjeira, N. Simões, I. Simões, A. Tadeu and C. Serra


Active thermography evaluation of bonding defects in adhered ceramic tiling: thermal stimulation conditions and data analysis methods assessment

N. Simões, J. Laranjeira, I. Simões, A. Tadeu and C. Serra


Simulation of 3D heat diffusion in multilayered construction systems for active IRT data analysis

C. Serra, A.Tadeu, N. Simões, I. Simões


Laboratory thermal transmittance assessments of homogeneous building elements using infrared thermography

I. Simões, N. Simões, A. Tadeu, J. Riachos


Soundness assessment of structural timber elements in traditional timber dwellings: the combined use of quantitative IR thermograhy and ultrasonic testing

A. Kandemir-Yü cel, A. Tavukçuoğlu, E. N. Caner-Saltık


Thermography diagnostic of prototype habitat direct solar floor in northern Morocco

Z. Choulli, A. El Bouardi, H. Ezbakhe, T. Ajzoul, M. Lebied


The use of infrared thermography for defects detection on concrete reinforced bridges

H. Cannard, M. Mahrez, T. Perrin, V. Muzet, D. Prybyla, F. Brachelet


Influence of environmental parameters on the thermographic analysis of the building envelope

S. Van De Vijver, M. Steeman, N. Van Den Bossche, K. Carbonez, A. Janssens


Detection of reinforcement bars in concrete slab by infrared thermography and microwaves excitation

F. Brachelet, S. Keo, D. Defer and F. Breaban


Dynamic heating control by infrared thermography of prepreg thermoplastic CFRP designed for reinforced concrete strengthening

L-D. Théroux, J. Dumoulin and J.L. Manceau


Civil engineering structure daily monitored through IR Thermography and environmental measurement

A. Criniere, J. Dumoulin, L. Perez and F. Bourquin


Characterization of density variations of historic timber structure by thermal methods

O. Carpentier, E. Antczak, F. Brachelet, D. Defer, T. Descamps and L. Van Parys


Innovative technique for the implementation of three dimensional indoor temperature measurements using infrared thermography

P.A. Fokaides, S.A. Kalogirou


Square pulse heating infrared thermography and shearography applied simultaneously on CFRP tissue bonded to reinforced concrete

L-D. Théroux, J. Dumoulin and X. Maldague


Automatic generation of façade textures from terrestrial thermal infrared image sequences

L. Hoegner and U. Stilla


First experiments for the diagnosis and thermophysical sampling using pulsed IR thermography from unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

L. E. Mavromatidis, J.-L. Dauvergne, R. Saleri, J.-C. Batsale

Electronics & semiconductors


Fault Isolation of Heat Source Chip using Infrared Microscope

G.S. Kim, K.S. Lee, G.H. Kim, K.S. Chang, K.-H. Nam and D.I. Kim


Thermal analysis and measurements of spiral inductors using built - in and IR sensors

M. Kałuża, M. Felczak, and B. Więcek

Fluid Dynamics & Energetics


Infrared Thermography to Study Endwall Cooling and Heat Transfer in Turbine Stator Vane Passages Using the Auxiliary Wall Method

H. Werschnik, T. Ostrowski, G. Schmid, H.-P. Schiffer


The effect of heating time on heat transfer rate measurement

LI Ming, YANG Yanguang, LUO Wanqing, LI Zhi-hui


Investigation of the quality and performance of organic solar cells by thermographic imaging

R. Öttking, R. Rösch, M. Seeland, B. Muhsin, K.-R. Eberhard, D. Fluhr and H. Hoppe


Gas temperature imaging using the heated grid technique with adaptive background correction

M. Ehrensperger, J.P. Kunsch and T. Rösgen


Tracking a moving boundary layer transition front in supersonic flow using infrared thermography

Rogier Giepman, Ferry Schrijer and Bas van Oudheusden


Differential Infrared Thermography of Gasoline Direct Injection

H. Golzke, P. Leick and A. Dreizler


IR thermography investigation on roughness induced transition in high-speed flows

F. Avallone, F.F.J. Schrijer and G. Cardone


IR Experimental investigation on twin synthetic impinging jets heat transfer behaviour

C.S. Greco, A. Ianiro and G. Cardone


Determination of local heat-transfer coefficient distribution on a vortex enhanced finned-tube heat exchanger fin using infrared thermography

Daniel Bougeard and Serge Russeil


Inverse identification of unsteady heat transfer coefficient using infrared thermography in a fin an tube heat exchanger assembly

Mohammed Mobtil, Daniel Bougeard

Image & data processing


Thermal non-destructive testing: Localization of hidden defects

S. Hatefipour, J. Ahlberg, J. Wren, A. Runnemalm


Infrared Image Stitching Based on Immune Memory Clonal Selection Algorithm

Tong Hejun, Fu Dongmei, Dong Lin and Yang Tao


New concept for higher accuracy in measuring position to be implemented with the existing prototype automated thermography end-effector utilising an industrial robot and laser system

S. Dutta, T. Schmidt


Defect detection strategies in Nickel Superalloys welds using active thermography

E. Fernández, A. Beizama, A. García de la Yedra, A. Echeverria, P. Broberg, A. Runnemalm


Fast estimation of the phase diagram of a binary system using infrared thermography

R. Cadoret, E. Palomo del Barrio, J. Daranlot


Simulation and Defect Identification of Eddy - Current Induced Thermography

C.He, Y.P Tian, S.S Wang, T.Y.Li, J.Y.Xu, X.J.Tian, K.Y.Zhou


Early defect diagnosis in installed PV modules exploiting spatio-temporal information from thermal images

S.Rogotis, D.Ioannidis, A. Tsolakis, D.Tzovaras


Finite element optimization by pulsed thermography with adaptive response surfaces

J. Peeters, G. Steenackers, B. Ribbens, G. Arroud, J. Dirckx


Ultrasonic and optical stimulation in IR thermographic NDT of impact damage in carbon composites

V. Vavilov, W. Świderski and D. Derusova


Towards automatic defect detection in carbon fiber composites using active thermography

R. Usamentiaga, P. Venegas, J. Guerediaga and L. Vega


Towards longwave infrared tunable filters for multispectral thermal imaging applications

K. K. M. B. D. Silva, H. Mao, and L. Faraone


Quantitative application of pulse phase thermography to determine material parameters

B. Stotter, K.H. Gresslehner, G. Mayr, G. Hendorfer and J. Sekelja


Experimental analysis of heterogeneous nucleation in undercooled melts by infrared thermography

M. Duquesne, A. Godin, E. Palomo del Barrio and J. Daranlot


Temporal resampling of time-varying infrared images sequences

R. Montanini, T. Scimone, S. De Caro and A. Testa


Thermal Imaging for Monitoring Rolling Element Bearings

R. Schulz, S. Verstockt, J. Vermeiren, M. Loccufier, K. Stockman and S. Van Hoecke


A defect detection approach in thermal images

P. Hedayati Vahid, S. Hesabi, X. Maldague, and D. Laurendeau


Application of pseudo - orthogonal codes at the Stimulated - Thermography Non Destructive Testing

P. Burrascano, L. Senni and M. Ricci


Development of infrared and visible endoscope as the safety diagnostic for steady-state operation of Wendelstein 7-X

M. W. Jakubowski, C. Biedermann, R. König, A. Lorenz, T. S. Pedersen, A. Rodatos and the Wendelstein 7-X team


Analysis of crystal growth kinetics of meta-stable phases in undercooled melts by infrared thermography

A. Godin, M. Duquesne and E. Palomo del Barrio


Evaluation of frescoes detachments by partial least square thermography

P. Bison, A. Bortolin, G. Cadelano, G. Ferrarini, F. Lopez and X. Maldague


Single thermal and visual camera system for 3D image fusion

D. Rzeszotarski, B. Więcek


Weld pool surfaces temperature measurement from polarization state of thermal emission

Nicolas Coniglio, Alexandre Mathieu, Olivier Aubreton and christophe Stolz


Active infraredi maging for 3D control of multi-layer transparent objects

O.Aubreton, A. Bajard, B. Verney. M. Belckacemi, F. Truchetet


Chip emissivity mapping for blue and white light emitting diodes

F. Belfio, J.-F. Veneau and O. Fudym


Infrared tomography: towards a novel methodology to investigate the volumetric radiative properties of heterogeneous materials

B. Rousseau, Y. Favennec, S. Guevelou, F. Dubot, D. R. Rousse


Evaluation of billet quality in continuous casting process using thresholding techniques

Laib dit Leksir Yazid, Bouhouche Salah, Bast Jurgen


Non - intrusive thermal measurement methods adapted to painted cave walls

E. Legloanec, A. Sommier, A. Sempey, D. Lacanette, JC. Batsale


Use of SVD decomposition to increase signal and noise ratio on THz imaging measurements

C. Pradere, J.P. Caumes, E. Palomo and J.C. Batsale

Induction thermography & vibrothermography


Scanning induction thermography (SIT) on damaged carbon-fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) components

Renil Thomas, M. N. Libin, Krishnan Balasubramanian


Vertical cracks characterization and resolution from lock-in vibrothermography

A. Castelo, A. Mendioroz, R. Celorrio, and A. Salazar


An analytical model and parametric analysis of ultrasound-excited infrared thermography

Xingwang Guo


Highly-efficient and noncontact vibro-thermography via local defect resonance

I. Solodov, M. Rahammer, D. Derusova and G. Busse


Induction thermography as an alternative to conventional NDT methods for forged parts

P. Bouteille, G. Legros

Industrial Applications


Losses determination in induction motors using infrared thermography techniques

Edson da Costa Bortoni, Roberto Akira Yamachita, João M C Guimarães, Mateus C. de Castro Santos


Finite Element Thermal Analysis of Surface Cold Spots Observed during Infrared Video Imaging of a Moving Hot Steel Skelp

J. Barry Wiskel, J. Prescott and H. Henein


Heat Conductance Determination using Infrared Thermography

Jean-Marie Buchlin, Mathieu Delsipé, Philippe Planquart, Michel Renard


Combustion characterization of hybrid catalytic fuelled with methane and hydrogen mixtures

C. Allouis, S. Cimino, R. Nigro


Surface crack detection using infrared thermography and ultraviolet excitation

A. Runnemalm, P. Broberg


Condition Assessment of Electrical Connections Utilizing Infrared Thermography

G.B. McIntosh


Thermoelastic investigation of a hydraulic plastic valve undergoing a time dependant internal pressure variation

F. Pezzani and A. Salerno


Method of remote dynamic thermographic testing of wind turbine blades

S.I.Melnyk, I.G.Tuluzov and A.S.Melnyk


Thermal behavior of the mold surface in HPDC process by infrared thermography and comparison with simulation

S. Tavakoli, I. Ranc and D. Wagner


Phase lock-in thermography for thermal diffusivity measurement and layer surface characterization

S. Pham Tu Quoc, G. Cheymol, A. Semerok


Infrared lock - in thermography for surface defect imaging in metals for industrial diagnosis

M. Streza, Y. Fedala, J.-P. Roger, G. Tessier, C. Boué


Characterization of an integrated buck converter using infrared thermography

N. Viviès, M. Haussener, H. Welemane, B. Trajin and P.E. Vidal


Coupling infrared thermography and acoustic emission for damage study in CFRP composites

V. Munoz Cuartas, B. Vales, M. Perrin, M.-L. Pastor, H. Welemane, A. Cantarel and M. Karama


RITA - Robotized Inspection by Thermography and Advanced processing for the inspection of aeronautical components

C. Ibarra-Castanedo, P. Servais, A. Ziadi, M. Klein and X. Maldague


A validated tool for thermal design and the forecasting of behavior of composite materials exposed to high thermal loads

C. Justo-María, S. Sánchez and F. López


A Simple and Practical Device to Make Feasible the Practical Examinations for Certification in Thermography

Laerte dos Santos, Alisson M. Lemos and Marco A. AbiRamia jr.

Microscale Applications


The infrared measurements of damages of laser-processed carbon fiber reinforced plastics

M. Muramatsu, Y. Harada, T. Suzuki and H. Niino


Thermal measurements of integrated inductors in CMOS technology and simple 1D analytical model of heat conduction

I. Papagiannopoulos, M. Kaluza, B. Wiecek, A. Hatzopoulos, V. Chatziathanasiou and G. De Mey


Synchronous use of FPA-based infrared thermography and fast ellipsometry for high-sensitive investigation of the adsorption-desorption processes rapidly progressing on solid surfaces

B. G. Vainer, A. A. Guzev, K. P. Mogilnikov, S. I. Romanov, V. A. Shvets


Signal imposing system of micro-scale thermal imaging applied to un-cooled infrared cameras

J. Morikawa, E. Hayakawa and T. Hashimoto


Quantitative kinetics and enthalpy measurements of biphasic underflow chemical reactions by InfraRed Thermography

M. Romano, C. Pradere, J. Toutain, C.Hany, J.C. Batsale


Simultaneous spectroscopic and temperature imaging by IR monochromator and camera

M. Romano, C. Pradere and J.C. Batsale



Quantitative Analysis of Subsurface Defects of STS materials by using Data Processing in Infrared Thermographic Testing

W. T. Kim, S. Ranjit and K. S. Kang

Monitoring & Maintenance


Application of cooling water supply systems thermography monitoring on the nuclear power plants

M. Bazaleev, B. Banduryan, V. KLepikov, S. Donets, V. Lytvynenko, Ye. Prokhorenko, O.Startsev


Laser active pyrometry and lock-in thermography for characterization of deposited layers on plasma facing components from European tokamaks

A. Semerok, S.V. Fomichev and C. Grisolia


Online beam monitoring on targets at an ion beamline by infrared thermography

M. Tomut, C. Hubert, K.Kupka, D. Severin, M. Bender and C.Trautmann


Thermal Nondestructive Control of an Aircraft Trellis Welding

A. Eddazi, S.Belattar


Application of IR technique and FEM for estimation of stress components at the stress concentrator in the metals

A. Terekhina, A. Kostina* and O. Plekhov


Air curtain temperature measurement in an open refrigerated display cabinet by IR thermography

S. Marinetti, A. Rossetti and S. Minetto


Surface degradation of coating measured by means of emissivity change

J. Valach, V. Petráňová, D. Majtás and V. Kocour



Time Resolved Multispectral Imaging

F. Marcotte, Ph. Lagueux


Development and validation of a numerical tool for the simulation of the temperature field and infrared radiance rendering in an urban scene

N. Lalanne, J.-C. Krapez, C. Le Niliot and X. Briottet


Comparison of IR Thermography and Reflectance-Enhanced Photoluminescence for early Quantitative Diagnostic of Thermal Barrier Coatings Spallation

E. Copin, T. Sentenac, Y. Le Maoult, P. Lours


Multimodal fusion system for NDT and Metrology

M. Akhloufi and B. Verney


Analogous of Wien’s law for the optimal wavelengths selection in bi-spectral method used for temperature measurement of surfaces exhibiting non-uniform emissivity, and general methodology for the multi-spectral method

C. Rodiet, B. Rémy and A. Degiovanni

NDE: Non Destructive Evaluation


Analytic model for pulsed thermography of subsurface defects

P. Broberg


Temporal analysis for implicit compensation of local variations of emission coefficient applied for laser induced crack checking

G. Traxler, P. Thanner, G. Mahler


Development of standards for flash thermography and  lock-in thermography

Ch. Maierhofer, P. Myrach, H. Steinfurth, M. Reischel, and M. Röllig


LEDs for thermographic NDT: status and chances

Mathias Ziegler, Henrik Steinfurth, Mathias Röllig, Philipp Myrach, and Christiane Maierhofer


Detection of Compressive Damage on Persimmon using Infrared Lock - in Thermography

G.S. Kim, G.H. Kim, D.Y. Kim and B.K. Cho


Detecting hidden defects from real data

P.Bison, M.Ceseri, F.Clarelli and G.Inglese


Flying-spot lock-in thermography and its application to thickness measurement and crack detection

U. Netzelmann


Development of a discontinuous finite element method to characterize vertical cracks using lock-in thermography

R. Celorrio, A.J. Omella, N.W. Pech-May, A. Mendioroz, A. Oleaga and A. Salazar


A model for the depth effect on the reconstruction of defect geometry triangular by pulsed thermography

A.Elhassnaoui, S. Sahnoun


Pulsed Phase Thermography analysis on cylindrical geometry

L. Salvi, L. Vitali, D. Fustinoni, P. Gramazio and A. Niro


The use of active IR thermography and wavelet analysis for nondestructive evaluation

L. Rozanski and K. Ziopaja


Pulsed Infrared Thermography and Inverse Problem for the Equation of Heat Conduction

W. Oliferuk, W. Kosiński, K. Kochanowski and A. Adamowicz


Fiber orientation measurement in cylindrical carbon reinforced parts

H. Fernandes and X. Maldague


Defect Depth Detectability in Austenitic Stainless Steel by Lock in Thermography

M.Menaka and B.Venkatraman and Baldev Raj


Inspection of HVOF-coated Pelton wheels using active thermography

J. Délémontez, M.Taglione, A. Rivière, E. Martin


Multiscale analysis of thermography imaging dynamic for sol-gel coating discrimination

S. Mezghani, E. Perrin, J.L Bodnar, B. Cauwe, V. Vrabie


Infrared thermography for non-destructive evaluation of thermoplastic composites

S. Boccardi, G.M. Carlomagno, C. Meola, G. Simeoli and P. Russo


Lock-in Thermography Inspection for Characterizing and Quantifying Material Defects Resulting from Parameter Deviations within the Manufacturing Process Chain of CFRP Composites

T. Ullmann, T. Schmidt and S. Dutta


Detection of Hot Spot in a Neutral Joint of Power Transformer Using Infrared

Rabi Pradhan and Yeshi Lham

NDE applied to composite structures


Composite Materials Flaws Detection and Measurement by Infrared Thermography

A. Mihai, F. Stefanescu, A. Dumitrache-Rujinski and G. Neagu


Thermoelastic stress analysis of composite granular materials

P. Jongchansitto, X. Balandraud, I. Preechawuttipong and M. Grédiac


Composite characterization using infrared inspection technologies

David G. Moore


Investigation of multiple cracking in glass/epoxy 2D woven composites by vibrothermography

G. Bai, B. Lamboul, J.-M. Roche, S. Baste


Analytical and Numerical Investigations for Three Dimensional Heat Problems in an Anisotropic Medium with Internal Heat Sources

Andreas Mandelis, Karl-Heinz Gresslehner, Günther Hendorfer


Wide-area impact damage evaluation with sonic infrared imaging NDE in advanced composite structures

X. Han, Justin M. Ar-Rasheed, D. Zhang, A. Lubowicki, L. Favro, and G. Newaz


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Student award


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Simultaneous front and rear faces flash characterization method for thin cylindrical multilayered composites

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Thermographic Signal Reconstruction


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Approaches to Data Reduction, Visualization and Analysis in Thermographic Signal Reconstruction

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Thermographic systems & components


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