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QIRT Archives 2002

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QIRT 2002-A
IR Thermography applied to historical buildings
E. Grinzato

QIRT 2002-B
Uncooled IR focal plane arrays: worldwide review and state-of-the-art at ULIS
J.L. Tissot

QIRT 2002-C
Infrared Astronomy for Infrared Engineers
Ž. Ivezić


QIRT 2002-001
Application of quantitative impulse thermography for structural evaluation in civil engineering – Comparison of experimental results and numerical simulations
A. Brink, Ch. Maierhofer, M. Röllig, H. Wiggenhauser

QIRT 2002-002
Enhancement of open-cracks detection using a principal component analysis/wavelet technique in photothermal nondestructive testing
S. Hermosilla-Lara, P.Y. Joubert, D. Placko, F. Lepoutre, M. Piriou

QIRT 2002-003
Thermography with excitation by elastic waves: comparison of techniques (pulse, burst, lockin)
Th. Zweschper, A. Dillenz, G. Riegert, G. Busse

QIRT 2002-004
New Absolute Contrast for pulsed thermography
M. Pilla, M. Klein, X. Maldague, A. Salerno

QIRT 2002-005
Studying the phenomena related to the IR thermographic detection of buried landmines
V.P. Vavilov, A.G. Klimov

QIRT 2002-006
Advanced analysis of thermograms of buried objects in non-homogeneous environment
I. Boras, V. Krstelj, M. Malinovec, J. Stepani Jr., S. Švaić

QIRT 2002-007
Mines detection using the EMIR® method
D. Balageas, P. Levesque

QIRT 2002-008
Nondestructive evaluation of aircraft components by thermography using different heat sources
W. Swiderski, D. Szabra, J. Wojcik

QIRT 2002-009
Significance of buried object orientation variation in their detection using thermography
V. Krstelj, M. Malinovec, J. Stepani Jr., S. Švaić

QIRT 2002-010
3D heat flux effects in the experimental evaluation of corrosion by IR thermography
S. Marinetti, P.G. Bison, E. Grinzato

QIRT 2002-011
A thermographic method to evaluate laminar bubble phenomena on airfoil operating at low Reynolds number
G. Cesini, R. Ricci, S. Montelpare, E. Silvi

QIRT 2002-012
Application of infrared thermography for investigation of unsteady flow in a circular pipe
A. Ekholm, T. Koppel , M. Lähdeniemi, R. Puust

QIRT 2002-013
Comparison of plexiglas and vespel materials for heat flux measurements by infrared thermography at hypersonic conditions
C.O. Asma, S. Paris, D.G. Fletcher

QIRT 2002-014
Studies of wall temperature effects on shock-wave/boundary layer interactions in hypersonic flows
A. Ciani, S. Paris, D.G. Fletcher

QIRT 2002-015
Analysis of external temperature profiles in tubes with inserted turbulators using thermography
M. Malinovec, Z.I. Jereb, M. Andrassy, S. Švaić

QIRT 2002-016
Infrared thermography study of heat transfer in an array of slot jets
J.M. Buchlin, J.B. Gouriet, J.P.A.J. van Beeck, M. Renard

QIRT 2002-017
Infrared measurements of heat transfer in jet impingement on concave wall applied to anti-icing
M. Marchand, V. Ménard, J.G. Galier, P. Reulet, P. Millan

QIRT 2002-018
Experimental determination of fuel evaporation rates using IR-thermography
M. Founti, D. Kolaitis, G. Zannis, D. Trimis

QIRT 2002-019
Evaluation of evaporation flux in building materials by infrared thermography
M. Milazzo, N. Ludwig, V. Redaelli

QIRT 2002-020
Validating a numerical phase change model by using infrared thermography
R. Lehtiniemi, P. Lamberg, A.M. Henell

QIRT 2002-021
3D numerical model for heat conduction analysis based on IR thermography
I. Boras, S. Švaić

QIRT 2002-022
Thermal compact modeling for power electronic devices in D2Pak enclosures
M. Lis, B. Wiecek, T. Wajman

QIRT 2002-023
Thermal diagnostic of power transistor at increased junction temperatures
Z. Radivojević, K. Andersson, R.Lehtiniemi, J. Rantala

QIRT 2002-024
Measurement of temperature during simple dynamic shear
W.K. Nowacki, S.P. Gadaj, E.A. Pieczyska

QIRT 2002-025
Thermomechanical study of cycling, relaxation, and creep sequences in polymers
E.A. Pieczyska, S.P. Gadaj, W.K. Nowacki

QIRT 2002-026
Modelling and thermography measurements of thermal properties of nonwoven
M. Michalak, B. Więcek, I. Krucińska

QIRT 2002-027
Quantitative analysis of thermal bridges of structures through infrared thermograms
I. Benko

QIRT 2002-028
Comparison of thermal diffusivity measurement techniques
F. Cernuschi, P.G. Bison, S. Marinetti, A. Figari, L. Lorenzoni, E. Grinzato

QIRT 2002-029
Sub-pixel edge location in thermal images using a mean square measure
R. Bąbka, W. Minkina

QIRT 2002-030
Surface roughness influence on photothermal radiometry
H.G. Walther

QIRT 2002-031
On the FPA infrared camera transfer function calculation
S. Datcu, L. Ibos, Y. Candau, S. Matteï

QIRT 2002-032
Computer faceted thermal model of helicopter
R. Dulski, M. Dąbrowski

QIRT 2002-033
Thermographic measurements in environmental and bio sciences
C.S. Garbe, U. Schimpf, U. Schurr, B. Jähne

QIRT 2002-034
Evaluation of new diagnostic procedures of medical thermography – in-vivo experiments
M. Kaczmarek, J. Rumiński, A. Nowakowski, A. Renkielska, J. Grudziński, W. Stojek

QIRT 2002-035
Evaluation of thermal diffusivity variations in multi-layered structures
M.Hryciuk, A. Nowakowski

QIRT 2002-036
Thermal imaging as a non invasive application in the field of diagnostics and treatment of varicosis and succeeding symptoms
W. Wild, S.R. Schütte, M. Grosse

QIRT 2002-037
The use of thermovision technique for diagnosis of periodontal diseases and evaluation of treatment effects
M. Dąbrowski, R. Dulski, S.Zmuda, P. Zaborowski

QIRT 2002-038
Detection of defects of foil sensors applied in the automotive industry by means of active IR thermography
C. Gruss, J. Gibkes

QIRT 2002-039
Inspection of rivets and cracks in metal using thermography methods
G. Riegert, Th. Zweschper, A. Dillenz, G. Busse